This is an encyclopedia I am starting to build to list names and places and a few other terms appearing in our family history. Important information about this Encyclopedia appears below the list of links to different letters of the alphabet.

References appearing in parenthesis after listings refer back to the source where I got the information. This is for my own use since I have the sources. However if the source is on this web site, I will point it out.

A question mark in parenthesis(?) follows items where I am not sure about the spelling or other details. A long dash — is used to replace a name where it is not known, for example, “Mary — ” indicates that I don’t know Mary’s last name. A comment in [square brackets] indicates one of my own comments.

There are often two or more listing for the same name. Some of these are probably the same person, but they came from different sources, with different information, and insufficient information to be sure they are the same person. It is quite common for descendents to have the same name as an ancestor, or even coincidentally have same names when from entirely different families. If, in adding more information to the dictionary, it is discovered that two listings are actually for the same person, they will be merged into a single listing.


This Encyclopedia is primarily for my own use in tracing our genealogy, but I am putting it on the Internet because the information may prove useful to other people. However, there is no guarantee of accuracy; in fact there are probably a number of inaccuracies. It is a research tool, not a document of factual information. It is a place to accumulate bits of information, whether factual or not, in the process of determining the facts.

The primary purpose of this Encyclopedia is as a place to accumulate information about different people, places, and some other things. As I find people’s names I enter them in the dictionary. Later I my discover a little more information about the same person and I can add that info to that person’s listing. The intention is to gradually build up a source of more and more information about various people. It is my objective that I will eventually have enough information to make genealogical connections not apparent from individual bits of information, such as if Jane Doe says, “my cousin Georgia had two children, John and Jane.” This information would be valuable if only I knew Georgia’s last name, who her mother and father are, and which parent is a sibling of which one of John Doe’s parents. So at least I can put the information I’m given in the Encyclopedia under John Doe and under Georgia —, and hopefully later on I’ll find another mention that gives more details.

Important! Please note that much of the information comes from letters or notes from people who may not correctly recall information from their childhood, may copy things incorrectly, or may have problems with spelling, (which makes problems in matching names). Remember that much of the information about the 1700s and 1800s comes from people who are pioneers, settling in sparcely populated areas, with little or no schooling. “Family traditions,” a phrase used much in my sources, may include information passed down from generation to generation, with some errors or guesses creeping in.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: References to this bibliography in the Encyclopedia entries are indicated by (B-n), where "n" is a number. However sources used extensively may have there own alphabetical prefixes followed by a dash and a page number.

NM - The Nance Memorial, by George W. Nance, 1901. Available online at http://www.archive.org/details/nancememorialhis001cnanc [This link is no longer valid}

(B-1) - Handbook of Texas Online, http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/

(B-2) - An e-mail received from a descendent* of John Oatman Dewees, Tommye M. Howard McCollom.

(B-3) - An e-mail received from a descendent* of Richard Allen King.

(B-4) - An e-mail received from a descendent* of Charles W. Reynolds and Cora Euphemia Reynolds.

*NOTE: I do not give the name of a contributor without their specific permission.

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