Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Cayce Family Lineage
(Part 1)

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

Cayce family linage which has connections with McCormick data. The following letters show substantially all that I have been able to learn touching Major Thomas Dodson Cayce's ancestors and collateral kin.

Temple, December 16, 1893
New Orleans, La.

Hon. A P McCormick

Dear Sir:

A few days since I received your kind letter dated at Dallas, Oct. 20th, asking for information in regard to my parentage and family, which I will give you as far as my memory serves me, which is limited, especially as regards dates.

My Father, Shadrach Cayce, and my Mother, whose maiden name was Mary Ann Dodson, were both born and raised in Virginia, and were married there. But at what place or date I do not know. They lived there until three children were born. The oldest was Thomas Dodson, Lula's Grandfather: the second was Elizabeth; the third was Fleming. They then moved to Williamson County, Tenn., where all the other children were born. Fourth, John; fifth, William; sixth, Shadrach; seventh, Pleasant N; eighth, James Madison; ninth, Doctor Newman; tenth, Joel A; eleventh, Lucretia B; twelfth, Harriet T; thirteenth, myself, Nancy Ann.

Thomas Dodson Cayce married Miss Hannah Stanley in Williamson County, Tenn, where they lived till about 1828 or 1829. When they moved to Texas. George Washington, their oldest son, was killed in San Antonio in 1840, during an outbreak of the Comanche Indians, pending the negotiation of a treaty at that place between tribe and the Texans. The balance of her Grandfather's family, Lula will remember. The only surviving ones of brother Thomas' family are Jane Bertrand and Sophronia Parker, whom you know. My sister Elizabeth Cayce married, in Williamson County, Tenn. William Neal Little; moved to Kentucky, raised a family of children, and both died there. But I do not know the dates. My brother, William Cayce married his cousin, Sarah Cayce, also of Williamson County. I think they died there. My brother, Shadrach Cayce married Miss Sarah Jones in Davidson County, Tenn. Both died many years ago. John,Pleasant and James Madison never married.

My Father and Mother with their seven younger children moved to Lawerence County about 1830. My Father was a Baptist preacher, merchant, farmer. He died in Lawerence County, April 13, 1832. My brother Doctor N Cayce married Miss Matilda M Gaether in Lawrence County in 1836. And after my Mother died in 1839 he moved to Iuka, Miss. They had six children: James Madison, Mary Ann, Isabella Jane, Matilda Elizabeth, Newman and George Burgess. The two daughters married and both died many years ago. James married and raised a family in Miss. He recently moved to Texas. And settled at Hammond, not far from Waco. Newman lives in Fulton, Miss. And is now Judge of the district court for that district. George came to Texas twenty two years ago. Married in Navasota, Texas. And was living in or near Burnet not long since. My brother Joel married a Miss Kidd in Lawrence County in 1840, moved to Miss. and died there. My sister Lucretia married Samuel Casey in Lawrence County about 1834 and moved to Pulaski, Missouri. I have known but little of them. My sister Harriet married Whitfield Turner, a Virginian, in 1836. They moved to West Tenn. where she died soon after her marriage. I married Dudley J Parks in Lawrence County, Tenn. on June 8, 1837. I was born Jan. 26, 1821. My husband, Dudley J Parks, was born in Murray County, Tenn. July 17, 1812. We came to Texas soon after we were married and landed at Galveston Island, Aug. 8, 1837. Went first to the town of old Washington, on the Brazos. And early in 1838 moved to old Caney, in Matagorda County, where we lived till 1867. When we moved to Brenham and have lived there and at Lampasas until two and a half years ago we moved to Temple. Where we are now living with our youngest daughter, Pearl. Who married William T Bessenette of Verona, Miss. [This is the last visible line on the page, but there must be more because of the break in continuity.]

He was born in 1839. Our next oldest, Foster Axson, was born in 1841, and died in Brenham in 1882. Hattie was born in 1843 and died on old Caney in 1864. John Dudley died on Caney, 1846. Jennie was born in 1848; Mary in 1849; Willis Newman in 1852. Shadrach was born in 1854 and died in 1859. Laura was born in 1857; Pearl in 1863. Jennie married H C Swain, from New Orleans, in 1873. They live in Brenham. Mary married John D Harden in Brenham. They now live in El Paso. Laura married Ben B Hunt, from Kentucky, in 1878. They live in Caldwell, Burleson County. Maud married Ed F Rankin in 1888. They live in Brenham. Willis N married Miss Althea Breeding of Fayette County in 1881, and moved to Hondo City, Texas, where she died six years ago. He married again about a year ago. He is practicing law in Uvalde.

I have given you a rambling sketch some of which may interest you and other parts of it may not. I will suggest to you to write to Newman Cayce, Fulton, Miss. I understand hehas the old family bible. Ask him to give you a copy of the family record. I hope he will comply. And if you get it, it would gratify me much if you will send me a copy.I was so young when I married. And having never seen any of my brothers and sisters since, except brother Thomas. And only once or twice my brother D N Cayce, you may not be surprised at my ignorance in regard to our family history.

With kind regards to yourself and to my dear niece and family.
Nancy A Parks.

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