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McCormick Memorial Book - Introduction - Chapter I

Scotch-Irish in Ireland and in America

Planting Ulster with protestants. Mostly Scotch. Religious destitutions. The Irish church. Tolerant bishops confer charges on Presbyterian missionaries in Ulster. The great revival. So decidedly presbyterian it arouses the opposition of the prelacy. Presbyterian ministers deposed. Pastors and people looking to America. Attempted emigration on the "Eagle Wing". Driven back by a tempest. Ministers and other prominent Presbyterians pass over to Scotland. Papist insurrection in Ulster. Scotch regiments sent to quell it. Regiments stationed in Ulster. Presbyterian churches organized. Presbytery constituted. Growth of the Irish Presbyterian Church under the Commonwealth. Prosperity of the protestants in Ireland. Jealousy of England. Emigration becomes a necessity. Early history of North Carolina. Growth of Presbyterian congregations on the Yadkin and Catawba. High character and public spirit of pastors. The War for Independence. Lord Cornwallis' campaign in North Carolina. "The hornets nest of rebels". Exhaustless in men and patriotism.

Chapter II -- John Adams and Andrew McCormick

John Adams, a Dutch puritan. Settled in New Jersey about 1720. Favors Independence. Withdraws his family from New Jersey. Sojourns in Pennsylvania and Virginia in 1777. His daughter marries, Catherine to Andrew McCormick, a native or Ireland. His home is Lincoln County, North Carolina. where he died in 1797. Removal of family to Kentucky and Missouri. The oldest son Joseph. His descendents. Andrew, the second son, settles in Kentucky. His death. Widow marries Major Howard. A widow a second time. Marriage and dispersion of her children. Rebecca marries Mr Long. Grandma Howard's home with them. Her only son revisits her. Her descendents. John, brother of Joseph and Andrew. His life of adventure. Uncle David. Home on the San Bernard. Adopts his nephew as son and heir. Texas Revolution. The "Runaway Scrape". Uncle David's death. His youngest sister, Catherine, marries John P Alexander. Their son, John Rufus Alexander became a Texan. A soldier under Gen. Sommerville. Was captured at Mier. His successful escape.

Chapter III -- Stevenson

William Stevenson ("Little Gabriel") native of Ulster. A tailor. Immigrated to Pennsylvania. Moved to North Carolina. The Yadkin and Catawba country. It's early settlement. Sharp's map of Fourth Creek Congregation. Organization of that church. Dr James Hall, pastor of the United Congregation of Fourth Creek, Bethany and Concord. William Stevenson one of the first elders. His religious training and early experience. Character of Dr Hall. The deaf and dumb devil. Stevenson estate. His will. Early customs in the church. Visit to Concord Church. Visit to the old Stevenson Homestead. Visit to Bethany Church. Thomas allison, the Tanner. Children of William Stevenson (Little Gavriel). Movement West. James Stevenson's family.

Chapter IV -- McKenzie

The clan in Scotland. Marriage of Lord Ross's daughter in 1720. Captain Andrew McKenzie born in 1726. A friend of Charles Edward. Removal to Ireland. A brewer. Removal to North Carolina. His family. He an his son William in the battle of Camden. His son marries Elizabeth Stevenson. Andrew's business and home in Carolina. Reverses and removal to Kentucky. His death. His family. a sketch of the life of several of these. Mrs Girand. Judge W W McKenzie, James Andrew McKenzie, Dr John Fielding McKenzie. Our cousin Queen. Mrs Catherine Athelia Gunnell. James Lincoln McKenzie. Mrs Jane Caroline Stevenson. Elizabeth Stevenson McKenzie's removal to Texas. Her life there, and her death.

Chapter V -- Bell

Mary Eveline Stevenson. Her girlhood> Josiah Hughes Bell. His early manhood, in Missouri. His marriage and removal to Louisiana. One of Austin's Original Three Hundred. Has charge of colony. Description of Austin's Colony. Trying experience of the first years. The lower Brazos. Bell's Landing. Squire Bell's Plantation. Founder of Columbia, the first capital of the infant State. Entertains the Republican Court. Takes his children to Kentucky to be educated. His prosperous state. His failing health. His death. Madam Bell. Her character. Her daughter Lucinda marries James Wilson Copes. Sketch of the Cope family. Thaddeus Ball marries Elizabeth Hannah Cayce. Sketch of the Cayce family. James Hall Bell Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. The brothers vote against Secession. Madam Bell's death.

Chapter VI -- My Father and Mother's Life in Texas

Property in slaves in Austin's colony. Sam left in the States. Home with Uncle David. Our little home. Father's serious sickness. Did not contract to be an overseer's wife. Our neighbors. John Sweeney. The Lonis family. Isaac T Tinsley. Colonel William G Hill. The Westfall family. The Munson family. The Campaign of 1836. Uncle David's death. Father begins to purchase slaves. Description of plantation, its organization when Emancipation came. Domestic incidents. Educating the son and daughter. Mr Pilgrim's school. Indians burn Linville. Mr Sayre. Major Andrew Northington. Father said "Grace". Pioneer preachers, W Y Allen, Hugh Wilson, J P Blair. Dr Daniel Baker. School at Mrs Milburn's. Her Father, Brit Bailey. Rev. John McCollough's school. Rucker and Sayles. Mr. Alexander's school. Mrs Limder's school at Washington. Navigation of the Brazos. Scraping cotton. Son starts to Kentucky to college. The daughter at Shelbyville, Kentucky. Both graduate. The son enters the legal profession. The daughter marries the lawyer. Parents on the plantation. The daughter's death. The son's marriage. The South invaded. "We must keep these people back." Father's death. Illustrations of his character.

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