Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Manuscript Forward

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

NOTE: My Dad did not call this page a forward. I gave it that name in order to simplify file naming on the computer.
Bob Fleming

Outline of family history from memory and notes by Armedia Jane Jennings Causey and Iva Florence Causey Fleming per data from McCormick Family History Book, Nance Family History Book, Fleming data from memory by Iva Florence Causey Fleming.

Gathered and copied by Robt. Monroe Fleming


Being an amateur typist together with a slow understanding of the writings and notes in a manuscript book and quite a bundle of loose sheets all did not add up to a first class job of putting all this data together. In five copies at one time, One for myself, one each for two sons, a daughter, Aunt Hazel Causey or her daughter Alberta. Aunt Hazel gave me part of the old time papers that had pertinent information.

It is my belief that every one should have some knowledge of their ancestors, the family tree, from which each individual has descended. Thus engendering a more profound respect, pride in our early pioneers who contributed so much in the creating this wonderful country in which we live.

No other nation through out all history has given as much of itself, so many things of benefit to the world as a whole as has our United States of America.

Robt. Monroe Fleming
1 January 1975

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