Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Manuscript Introduction

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

NOTE: My Dad did not call this page an introduction. I gave it that name in order to simplify file naming on the computer.
Bob Fleming

Much of this McCormick data is from the McCormick Memorial Book, copied in her own way, in her notes, by Iva Florence Causey Fleming.

Nance data is from the Nance Memorial Book; and partly per Grandma Armedia Jane Jennings Causey and Iva Florence Causey Fleming notes.

Jennings data is almost entirely from memory by Grandma Armedia Jane Jennings Causey and Iva Florence Causey Fleming notes. And old letters, papers they have gathered. With the help of Aunt Hazel Causey, the wife of Guy Causey.

Most of the Fleming data is from memory of Iva Florence Causey Fleming, per her notes.

Beginning on pg 27, 4th par of this manuscript we begin the family connection with the Cayces. Major Thomas Cayce and his family are interwoven into the McCormick family history pgs 27, 28, 39, 30, 31, this manuscript. A daughter of the Major because the maternal grandmother of the children of the author of the McCormick Memorial Book.

From recent generations of Cayces came Edgar Cayce, a famous ESP practitioner. This noted psychic made medical and spiritual history from late 1800s though or into 1945, when he died. Edgar accomplished wonders through telepathic dreams. (Some termed them seances). For patients mentally, medically, spiritually needing assistance. Either in person or by mail.

Flemings were known, probably intermarried with Cayces in Kentucky Virginia, etc. For some early day Cayces, 1700s or before, and undoubtedly later also, used Fleming as a given name.

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