Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Notes on Fanily History by Iva Causey Fleming
(Part 22)

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

Appendix I - A few of the many letters I have receved in gathering the family Traditions.

Farmington, Mo, Aug 29th 1888.

Hon A P McCormick

My Dear Sir and Relative: -- Your welcome letter of Aug 27th came to hand last evening. The first it has beenmy pleasure to receive from you. Yourself and family are the only relatives of the name of McCormick which I have. Except my brothers and their children.

In compliance with your wish I will give you as correct a history of our family as I am capable. My Father, Joseph McCormick was born in Lincoln County, N Carolina, January 17th 1778. His Father, Andrew McCormick, came [the next line, the last line on the page, has only the very tops of a few letters visible, not enough to guess at what is written (typed).] settled in N Carolina. My Father was the eldest child of a family of four sons and three daughters. The sons, Joseph, David, Andrew and John. The daughters Lizzie, Mary, and Catherine. My Father's brother Andrew settled in Kentucky and was, I think, the father of three children, one son and two daughters. The daughters married brothers by the name of Boyd. Each settle in Illinois. I have heard they each became mother's of highly respected families. The son of Andrew McCormick,(Maraner -?), by name, settled in Texas. And you are, as I understand, his only son.

My Father's brother David, settled in Texas at an early day. I think in 1824 or 1825, never was married, and died in Texas, - (Was married but survived his family). My Father's brother John also lived and died a bachelor. He died in Galena, Illinois. My Father emigrated with his Mother to Missouri in 1807. His Mother died in Missouri and was, I believe, the first person buried at the Belleview Presbyterian Church in Washington County, Missouri. My Father married Elizabeth Sloan, who was the mother of two children, Fielding Lewis McCormick and Corcas who died early. Fielding Lewis McCormick married and settled in Monroe Louisiana where he has resided for about 40 years. He is the Father of two sons and four daughters. His eldest son, Oscar, was in the confederate army under Pemberton and mortally wounded in Vicksburg and died July 11th, a few days after the surrender of that city.

Joseph, his youngest son, was also in the confederate army, wounded at Malvern Hill and then transfered to the medical department and was assistant surgeon to the Second Georgia Regiment Infantry. Where he remained until the close of the war. He lives in Monroe, Louisana, has given up his practice and is now merchandising in that city. He has a family and is well respected.

Mary McCormick, eldest daughter of Fielding L McCormick is married and lives in the Morehouse Parish, Louisiana. His two remaining daughters, Rebecca and Mary are single. Madilates is dead. Fielding L McCormick is now in his 79th year of age and is an elder in the Presbyterian Church of his town. A man highly esteemed by all who know him. My Father's second son, Andrew Guy McCormick is a son of my Father's second wife, Jane Robison. He has neither wife nor children, lives at Benson, Arizona, now 71 years old. Harriet Newel McCormick now is in her 66th year isonly sister I ever had. She married John Simpson Frierson, of Columbia, Tennessee, a Presbyterian minister, many years since. Has never had a child. Is still living at Columbia, Tennessee. John Adams McCormick, my brother, owns and only lives on Father's old homestead. He is 62 years of age, a farmer, elder in the Presbyterian Church of Belleview, Washington County, Mo. He has two sons, Junious Crittendon, 22 years of age. Is in the cattle business with his uncle Andrew in Arizona. His sister, Hattie, is married to a gentleman named Nixon. Brother John's children are all at home, except those just mentioned. Lucy aged 20, Bernice aged 19, Lizzie aged 17, John age eight. His wife's family name, Mary Sloan, is a most excellent woman.

My youngest brother, Christopher, returned from California thirty two years since, married Martha Sloan, cousin of brother John's wife. Returned to California, raised a family of seven children. Was so injured by the kick ofa horse as to die from the effects of it in three days. His widow is still in California. He was a lumber merchant and farmer. He left a competing for his family. His widow has carefully educated their children and so far as I know have fair prospects in life.

As to my self, I am an elder in the Presbyterian Church. Was 64 years old Aug. 1st of this present month. I have lost all my children, but two. My oldest and youngest sons who are half brothers. As I have been married twice. But I am happy to say my children love each other. My oldest son, Emmett Curran McCormick, is graduated of the St Louis Medical School. And is practicing his profession, has a good practice, lives here in Farmington. Five years since was married to Lucy Obenchaw. A young lady descended from the French. They have three children, Luella Gertrude, Fielding and Florence. My youngest son, James Edward, is 14 years old. Is goingto school. I expect to educate him for the bar, if he inclines that way. I presume you know my profession is that of physician. I have a drug store. But do not practice my profession any more. Although my health is good for my age. But I have considerable outside business and find the practice so laborious that I quit.I am in private life. Have been for several years. I have been elected twice to the State Senate and three times Congress. But as now quietly at home with my little family. I have yet to give you a history of my Father's sisters and their families. The eldest, Lizzie, married Enos Sherrill in N Carolina, settled in West Tennessee. Her eldest son, Richard, a captain on the confederate army was killed in the battle of Perryville, Kentucky. Leander, another son, was a physician. Enos, another son, died in Tennessee. Of all their families I have lost sight. Her two daughters married two brothers of the name of Hall in Tennessee. But they also have passed my knowledge. Except Dorcas Hall whose family I knew thirty eight years ago in Tennessee. At which time she was the mother of a very interesting family.

My Aunts Catherine and Mary, Father's remaining sisters, married two brothers, John Alexander and A T Alexander. Who came from California with Father and settled with him in Belleview settlement. They each raised large families. Each was an elder with Father in the Belleview Church. And with him and Mother all now lie buried there. Their children left the country. Rufus Alesancer, eldest child of John and Catherine, went to Texas. Married a daughter of Meyers Jones. But of his family I know nothing. Thompson, the next son of the family was a few years since a banker in San Francisco. All the rest of that family was a few years since passed out of my knowledge, except one daughter in Illinios. A T Alexander and Aunt Mary had but two sons. Who are both living. Joseph and John, they live in or near Marysville, Mo. Joeseph is a wealthy banker. John is a well to do farmer. Of his or their sisters I know nothing. As most of them married and left that location. I have now given you as correct information of our family tree as I can. The increase has been remarkably slow. My Grandfather and your Grandfather being the same person, came to this country from Ireland more than 100 years since. Of his male descendents bearing the name of McCormick, four live in Monroe, Louisana. Fielding McCormick, his son and two gtrandsons. Two live in Belleview, John McCormick and his son John. Four live in Farmington, Mo, myself, my two sons and one grandson. Two live in Arizona, Andrew McCormick and his nephew Junious Crittenden McCormick, son of Christopher, my brother. The balance are yourself and descendents.

I am greatly pleased that it has so fallen out that we have become correspondents. I would have written to you but didn't know your address. I met, at the National Convention in St. Louis, Mr Ledbetter of your State. Who told me of your where abouts. I should be very glad indeed if during some of your [We come now to two lines typed on top of each other. I will try to disentangle them sometime in the future] to visit relatives. And as I now know your location I may be able, if I go, to visit [There may be a missing line at the bottom of the page] We have a very rich mineral county. Iron mountaun is in the county. St Joe Lead Works yielding 1000 pigs of lead every twenty four hours. Doe Run and Wallis Mines are also in this county. And graniteenough to build every city in the country. Our farm lands are not near so good. I think, as your wheat is an average perhaps of twelve bushels per acre. Corn perhaps twenty five bushels per acre.

Your friend and relative,
J R McCormick

P.S. My full name is James Robison McCormick

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