Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Notes on Fanily History by Iva Causey Fleming
(Part 24)

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

Easton, Cal. February 6th, 1894

Mr A P McCormick
Dear Cousin: Your interesting letter was received during the holidays when my children and grndchildren were home for a few days. Soon after which I had an attack of La Grippe. Which has debilitated me so I have neglected to write as soon as I otherwise would have done. In thinking of family history there are some facts I have not been able to learn. An old letter from Cousin cariline Alexander (which I enclose) gives facts with which my husband was familiar, as well as many of which I was acquainted. She was a daughter of Alex Alexander. he had two brothers, Rufus and John. Four sisters, one died after she was married to James Black. She speaks of the others in her letter. We have a small box which was brought to the Unite States by the Adams family of which she writes. My husband's Father lived and died in Washington Co., Mo., as well as his two sisters, Mary and Catherine Alexander. John died in Illinois, David in Texas, Elizabeth in Tennessee, Andrew in Kentucky.

The death of my lamented husband was caused from being kicked by a horse above the knee of his right leg. His leg was badly bruised and cut deeply by the cork of the horse's shoe. It gave him great pain. We called a physician a few hours later, who directed the cold water treatment. Which eased his pain but the organs of his body became inactive. He walked about the house a very little, keeping quiet most of the time until the fifth day. When bruised blood came from the cut and enysipelas set in. The eighth day his suffering became intense, his mind wandered and the ninth day 15 minutes past 7 oclock on the 12th of August death released him of all pain and suffering. The evening before his death when asked how he felt he said, "I am going the way of all the earth". He was a good man in the fullest sense of the word. He was a kind husband, wise and considerate father, a blessing to the community in which he lived. Was superintendent of a Sabbath school near where we lived in Yolo County in this State at that time.

My oldest son wes fifteen years old at that time. He was a great confort to me and protection to my family. He spent two three years(school years) in the common school and after he was 21 years old spent two years in college. And lived only two years and a few months after leaving school. His death was caused by malarial fever in a week from the time he took to his bed. It was an afflictive providence to us. But we have a well grounded hope that he went to a heavenly home and has been spared from care and sorrow he would have suffered here. So I try to say from my heart, "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord". These pages are so disconnected I have not numbered them. As I have been serveral days writing them. If there is anything else in which I can assist you in getting information in regard to family history, write of it and I will be glad to do so. I wish you success in tracing the history of each branch of the family since the Revolutionary War.

Long may you live to be a blessing comfort to your family as well to your country.

Your cousin,
M E MCormick

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