Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Notes on Fanily History by Iva Causey Fleming
(Part 26)

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

Marysville, Mo.     Oct. 27th 1893

Judge A P McCormick
Dear Sir: I was some what surprised to receive from you a few days since, having had no previous knowlege of you. As there has been no correspondence in that direction between the families of which I had any knowledge. I will proceed to answer your interrogations to the best of by ability. My Father died on the 17th day of April 1845. My Mother died on the 20th of the same month. Aunt Catherine Alexander died about six weeks later and Uncle John Alexander the next Spring. Have not the exact day of the month on which they died. Uncle Joseph McCormick died in the fall of 1839 or 1840. I am not certain which. The last I know of his family Fielding lived in Iron County, Mo. and James in St Francis County, Mo. Harriet, the only daughter lived in Tennessee. She married a Presbyterian preacher. The younger boys went to California. And some have died since who went there, I don't know how many are living now.

Uncle John's family have most all died. Some in Missouri, some in Illinois, and some inCalifornia. I saw Thompson, Rufus older brother in San Francisco 14 years ago last September. He was in poor health at that time. We corresponded some after wards but have not heard from him for a long time. He was very successful in his mining buxiness. Became wealthy, owned a large amount of land. But never married. Andrew the next brother had a sheep ranch when last heard from. Donald, the next brother, was running a hotel down on the coast, South of "Frisco" at the time I was there. Pembroke I know nothing of. Oscar, the youngest, died at Jacsonville, Ore., two or three years after the family went West. None of the boys were married except Donald. Two of the girls died shortly after they went there. And one married a man named Billings. They had two or three children. But he (Billings) had died a long while before I went, was in the West. His wife was living South of San Francisco some hundred miles or so. I did not see any of the relatives except Thompson.

As to our own family will say my oldest sister is living at Steele City, Nebraska and was 82 years old the 11th day of February last. She is in good health but rather feeble. Adaline the next sister died here in Northwest Missouri about six years since. I am next of the family. Was 78 years old the 1st of September last. The next in the family was Albert, two years younger than myself. He died about fourty five years since when 16 years old. Celina the next died about fourty five since at Iron Mountain, Mo. Catherine the next is living here in our town now. Miranda the next died at Steele City, Nebraska two years since. John the youngest is living in Western Nebraska. Is engaged in the drug business and was well the last I heard from him. His wife died here three years ago and he has been rather unsettled since.

I have done the best I could as to the location. Also as to deaths among relatives. If you have any inquiries to make I will be pleased to give all the information I can obtain. I was down in Texas little over two years ago. If I had known you were at Dallas I would have called upon you. I had a son at Monterey, Mexico at that time and made him a visit. Also to see the Greasers. We have all made a living. None grown rich except Thompson that I know of. My wife and I are living alone. The children are all married. Three are living in Kansas, one in Arkansas, and three here. Out second daughter died at the birth of her first child. I have about thirty grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Yours truly
Joseph E Alexander

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