Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Notes on Fanily History by Iva Causey Fleming
(Part 27)

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

Steele City, Nebraska    Feb. 16th 1894

Dear Friend:
I received your letter a few days ago and was glad mine gave the information you wanted. But I do not know I can give you a satisfactory reply to your other inquiries. I think it was from Germany your great grandfather came. Your grandmother McCormick and your Uncle Henry Steele moved back to Kentucky before my recollection. I don't know how many brothers or sisters Aunt Sally had. Her sister Rebecca, who married Robert Stevenson, lived our nearest neighbor for a good many years. Her younger children and we were raised together. But they left that part of Missouri long beforewe did, And I have not heard anything of them for a long time. Uncle Reuben (Uncle Roben as we always called him) was all the school teacher we ever had. In my school days children did not have the advantages of obtaining an education that they have now. If they learned to read and write and a little arithmetic and grammer they were called good scholars. So I hope you will excuse my old fashioned and imperfect way of writing. Uncle Roben and Aunt Becky (as we always called them) were every body's friend. I think a good many of the family are dead. I do not know any more to write. If you see Fielding again give him my respects. Is his wife and sister Harriet still living? Write again. I feel like my days of writing were nearly over. You can see my handwriting is very unsteady.

Goodbye from your friend
C C Alexander

Graham, Texas     : Sept. 6, 1888

Judge A P McCormick:
Dear Sir: Allow me to correct a mistake I made today, When speaking of my Grandmother, Catherine McCormick. I spoke only from memory. But I find the written record thus: "Catherine McCormick, wife of Andrew McCormick, was the daughter of John Adams, who was born in Germany:. He left with his sister Catherine to avoid persecution, and death by the Papists. What became of that sister the record does not say. He came from Pennsylvania or New Jersey, through Virginia to North Carolina, perhaps toRowan County. The record continues, "A protestant of the Calvinistic School, he early and ardently espoused the American cause in the Revolution of 1776. His ons were John, Peter and Jacob. And his daughters Catherine, Mary and Hannah. Catherine married McCormick. Mary married Groves(Graves). And Hannah married Lawrance. For nearly thirty years before his death he was entirely blind. And died in Rowan County, N Carolina at the advanced age of about one hundred years. Thus you see that my Grandmother, Catherine McCormick was born in America. But her Father, John Adams, was born in Germany. It was her brother, Jacob Adams that I knew personally.

Yours truly,
R E Sherrill

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