Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Notes on Fanily History by Iva Causey Fleming
(Part 29)

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

Letter from Mrs Elizabeth Lucinda McKinney

Mr A P McCormick -- My Dear Son: -- Your communication of the 19th Inst. reached me yesterday. And as I have a family record of my Father's family in a shape that I can send you, I take pleasure in doing so with out delay. The other questions you ask I will be glad to answer so far as I can. I don't know wether Aunt Amanda had any other name or not. Aunt Jane's full name was Jane Caroline, and Uncle Jameswas James Lincoln. -- My own little girl's were Cornelia Elizabeth and Hester Anna. The baby's name Cerre Campbell. -- He was born the 29th, Jan. 1862. Died 2nd, Feb. 1862. -- Cornelia was born 13th, May, 1844. Died 21st Aug, 1846. Hester was born 12th, Feb. 1851. Died 11th Oct. 1854.

Dr. J Wilson Copes was born in the state of Delaware at Lewiston on 5th, Nov., 1809. Died on 8th of Oct. 1863. -- Thomas Thaddeus was born at Houston on 11th Nov. 1846. Died the 18th, Mar. 1878. -- Bell was born the 5th of Nov. 1840. And James, the 7th Mar. 1849.

I believe this is all, except what I can tell you of my dear Father and his family. Which I greatly regret to say is not much. However he did tell me, I reckon, more about his early life than he did any one else. Except our Mother. And it will give me much pleasure to put the facts I know of his life, from his tenth year. When he left his mother and went to Nashville, Tenn. to live with his Uncle. Up to that time he and Mother were married. I will do this as well as I can and send it to you in a few days. My own health is good and the family are well. When any of you write me, address me at Round Rock, care of B T Bell. Affectionately, Mother.

J B Copes was married to Mary Burke at Houston Dec. 29th, 1865, by Rev Thomas Castleton. -- J B Copes was married to Leah E Bell at Austin Dec. 30th, 1874, by Rev E B Wright.

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