Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Information from Iva Florence Causey Fleming

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

Copy - of Mother's, (Iva Florence Causey Fleming),letter to Grandma, (Armeda Jane Jennings Causey), 9 March 1931, from Lakeview Ore.

Dear Mother: I received your letter and glad Guy could make that trip, visit. But so sorry to hear about Betty. I only hope her arm heals properly and that it will not cause her too much suffering while it is healing.

I surely was peeved when I read about, "Titia". I dislike to call her Aunt. She is a selfish, conceited old prune, in my estimation. Or at least she seems to be one. I certainly am not proud to be able to claim her for a relation. She and the girls have been ashamed of about all the family since they they had the trip to Europe in 1914.

She would not get the Estate or any part of it without having to share with the rest of the heirs. Or those who put in a claim as heirs. The court would settle it. If she should work and try to get it for herself why, as far as I see it would not hurt the other heirs' interests, would only help them to get their share. But it makes me boil around inside though, the way she as acted about it, and treated you. Don't worry over her. Life is too short. And if that Mr Loeber is the kind of man you think he is, do not hesitate to tell him the truth. If it does hurt, If it will help him to get any or all necessary information that would be needed to recover the Estate, or any share the heirs over here would have in it.

Neither would you get the Estate any more than Litia would but [illegible one or two words] be divided, and each be given their share.

Perhaps that Samuel Jennings was your G.G.F. or some G.G. Uncle. Let's hope so anyway. He must have been English or part of the Estate would not be in England. Snowing and raining most all day. Love Ida.


Copy of a newspaper clipping, no date. Included in Mother's letter.


Jennings Estate Shares Said To Be Ready For Division
Heirs of the $450000000.00 Jennings estate in England a number of who reside Portland and in Oregon, will be apportioned shares of the holdings in August, at which time division will take place, it is indicated in local reports. Real property will go to heirs in England, while the currency portion will be divided ------??? Note: This article seems to have been clipped too short.Leaving off the rest of the article).

On the reverse side of the clipping is a write up on Great Britian, U.S. and parity the last part of which paragraph is as follows: --- and at cost so high that it is still doubtful wether we shall actually build to this parity by 1936. Note: This date might be near that of the article on the Estate).


Also in Mother's letter is this address which appears to have been cut from a letter head. With notations on the front, -- put this ad on your letter. ---- And on the back another notation, -- write your ad - on this envelope that goes by air mail. --- (Note: the writing in both notations could be that of Mother).

Jennings Family Record
[Next line is at the bottom of the page and only the tops of the letters show, not enough to be legible]

Mothers letter with the varied material, this copy of a letter of grandma and a copy of a letter from Kate O Cornatzer, a cousin of Grandmas, was sent to me, Robert Monroe Fleming [Sr.], son of Iva Fleming, by Aunt Hazel, wife of Guy Causey, son of Grandma Jennings Causey.

Copy of Grandmas letter: --- My Father was born Feb. 14, 1818. He had two bros. older than he was & we will say there was two years between them. That would make William Anderson born in 1816. and Charles Dawson born in 1814. them we will say that they were married one year before their oldest son was born. that would be they were married in 1813. then we will say. My Grand F. was 24 when he married. that would be he was married in 1789. His father my Great G. F. was born in 1765. and if he was that baby that was lost for so long. and his Father was that this one that died on the Ocean. he could have born in 1740. or 41. This is just guess work. but I don't believe I have missed it very far for I know my Father's age.

James Samuel was either that boy or that boy's son.(This data was added onto Grandma's letter by Aunt Hazel).

Copy of Kate O Cornatzer's letter to Grandma on letter head, (Office Deputy - assessor Craig County). Kate was Grandma's cousin. ---
30 July 1930, Vinita Oklahoma
Dear Cousin [first letter illegible][elia or edia]:
I received both your letters was in the midst of our campaigning and couldn't stop. The man I have worked for for the last 5½ years is assessor of our county. I am deputy, and he is running for the office for the third term and I had to work my head off until 12 last night. He won in the primary and don't think he will have any trouble in the election as this is a Democratic county.

I never heard Mother say anything about Uncle Tommie[?] having any papers and never knew the name of the place in England where our folks came from but have heard other say great great grandfather died on the boat just before they landed in America and our great grandfather was born on the boat and think she said they landed at one of the Carolinas and that our great great grandmother died when this son was a small child. Mother never knew any of the names except our great grandfather who was Charles Lawson Jennings and his wife was Elizabeth Bonafill. Their children were Nancy, Thomas, Ezekial, John and Samuel Bonafil.

Samuel Bonafil Jennings, our great grandfather was born Jan. 30-1787, married Sarah McMurtry Sept. 5-1814, and died March 13-1858. I never heard Mother say who she was named for. Libbie and family and myself live in Vinita. Charles lives in Salt Lake City and Clarence still lives in St. Joseph.

Libbie married J.C. Starr and has 4 children, all married but one, Jessie, Clarence, Martha and Charles, the last two are twins. I never had any children and lost my husband 5½ years ago.

All our half brothers and sister are dead except Neal and he is somewhere in the eighty. [illegible] and Jennie died last fall.

We have had such awful hot, dry weather don't know what the farmers will do. Corn and gardens are all dried up. am afraid we will have a hard, bad winter.

Would like to hear from you one in a while. I am a bad hand at writing letters but do try to write a little. Love to you. Your cousin, Kate Cornatzer.

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