Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Notes of Iva Florence Causey Fleming
on Jennings, Long, McMurtry

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

23- Notes of Iva Florence Causey Fleming on Jennings, Long, McMurtrey
More Fleming data from discovered notes.

Capt Fleming of Virginia. Killed at Princeton: Colonel William Fleming, a valiant commander in the battle of Point Pleasant. In charge of the Bote tourt troops under Col. Andrew Lewis. Col. Fleming was wounded thrice: Sir Andrew Fleming, Popish gentleman, Cavalier Papist. Sir Andrew Fleming married Lady Eleanor Askkirh of Penford-Bourne in Henry Masterson, by G P R Jones. When Charles I was King. A very unhappy marriage.


With Florence Fleming McLain and Richard Causey Fleming dead the ancestral outline that could be of help to a descendent who desires connection with Sons or Daughters of the Revolution, Robert Monroe Fleminbg, is the bottom of the linage ladder. Which is as follows:

Robert Monroe Fleming, son of: Iva Florence Causey Fleming, daughter of: Armedia Jane Jennings Causey, daughter of: Martha M Long Jennings, daughter of: William Anderson Long, son of: Jacob Long, son of: Captain William Long. -- Who fought through the Revolutionary War, Capt. Long joined the Army at Richmond, Va. Captain Long was given a tract of land in Virginia for his valor during those years he fought for his country. -- U S History: Long William, Va. 1st lieut. 2nd Virginia State Regiment, 10th May, 1777. Captain 1780, and served to Feb. 6th, 1781.

Jennings: Sarah Jennings, Duch. of Marlborough. Born 1660, died 1749. Grandaughter of Sir John Jennings of Hartfordshire, England. He received the Order of the Bath, in company with his patron, Charles I, then Prince of Wales. Father was Richard Jennings: In 1681, Jennings, acting as Governor for the proprietories, convened the first legislature, legislative assembly of the Quakers in West New Jersey:-- Samuel Jennings, his intrepid conduct as speaker of the assembly of New Jersey, 1704, 1707.-- Mrs Jennings, Mother of Lady Middleton, wife of Sir John Middleton of Barton Park, in Devonshire, England. Also had a daughter, Charlotte, who was Mrs Palmer. Mrs Jennings lived near Portman Square. Took three days to go from her daughter's home, of Barton Park, to her own home in Berkeley St. arriving there in the afternoon. Sackville St., Haley St., Kensington Gardens, and Drury Lane Theatre are also mentioned in the story. Sense and sensibility, or the Dashwood of Norland Park, Sussex. Written by Jane Austen, about 1792 and who was born in N Hampshire, England Dec. 16, 1775.

Wm Jennings: A bachelor born in 1700, died at Acton Place, County Suffolk, England, June 19, 1798 in his 98th year, intestate. Leaving a fortune in cash, mortgages, bonds, consols and real estate. Valued at several million dollars. Ignoring the claims of those who were his nearest kin, the courts granted control of the estate to two members of a distant branch of the Jennings family. Who have been in possession of it ever since. Early in the year 1920 an effort was started to secure possession of the property on behalf of what was thought to be his nearest kin residing in this country, America. But the court ruled that the proof of realtionship was not complete. Since that time efforts are being made to ascertain who were the parents of one William Jennings, said to have been born in Yorkshire, England, Nov. 10, 1676 and settled in Nottoway, Co., Va. Where he married one Mary J Pulliam in Hanover Co. in 1724. It is believed that he is the missing link. And his descendents are being traced down as rapidly as such work can be accomplished. The following is a continuation from the Jan. 1926 issue of the descendents of William Jennings. Armedia Jane Jenings Causey said, "My G G Granfather died on a ship coming to Amnerica from England. A baby son was born to wife of G G Grandfather on the ship. G Grandfather and Grandfather always claimed his Grandfather was the nephew of William Jennings. And his Father was a great nephew. And it has been talked about in the family that the Jennings who died on the ship was named William. :-- Jenings Family Record - 503 Richmond Trust Building, Richmond, Virginia U S A - Address mail to P O Box 1612, Cable address(Chas. Loeber) Chaloeber. - Herbert Gilmore Johnson, Sec., Lancaster, Kentucky, P O Box 334.

Wm Jennings Estate in England since 1798. Samuel Jennings Estate in American and England since in the 1700s. Left a will in Coal District of Penn.

Aunt Artelas (children) Jennings Oatman, farmer: Clarence Oatman, farmer; lives in Brooklyn, Missouri about 12 miles from Battlefield: Mrs Lulu B Owen, Battlefield, Missouri: Carlese Oatman, Nixa, Missouri about six viles from Lulu's home. Lulu lives on a farm about 10 miles South of Springfield, where she has lived for over 34 years: John Orval Oatman lives in Tulsa, Okla. Is an excellent architect. Served three years in the S A War: Mrs Emma McClintocks, cousin of Armedia Jane Jennings Causey lives in Eagle, Ida: Henry Jennings (Children) Armedia Jane Jennings Causey's Uncle: Lawson Jennings, Billie Jennings, John Martin Jennings, Thomas Hilton Jennings, Ezekill Melman Jennings, James McMurtrie Jennings, Samuel Kennedy Jennings, Tetson Franklin Jennings, Martha Jane Jennings, Henry O Jannings: (Samuel Kenady Jennings) Emma McClintocks' Father.


Greenwood Memorial Cemetary - Spokane, Wa. - not far from the bank of the Spokane River. Is where the Calvin Causey Burial Plot is on a hill overlooking the lower levels of the Cemetary. Trees much older than the Cemetary are intermingled around the vaious graves and burial plots. The Causey Plot has spaces for about 14 graves. In there are resting Grandfather Calvin Causey; Callie, the baby of Grandmother: Grandmother Armedia Causey: Aunt May Causey, wife of: and Uncle Frank Causey: Iva Florence Causey Fleming: and daughter Florence Letia Fleming McLain: Uncle Charles Causey is buried in Idaho: Uncle Guy Causey is buried in Salem, Ore: Aunt Cora Causey Reynolds is buried in Lakeview, Ore: Myself, Robert Monroe Fleming,l son of Iva Fleming, will be there in Greenwood when the time comes: Richard Causey Fleming, son of Iva Fleming, is buried in grave site of his wife, Grayce. Who survives him. This cemetary is a very beautiful rustic setting in the summer.

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