Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Grandma Causey’s “A Vision or Dream”

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

Grandma Causey's - "A Vision or Dream".    no dates.

I was in Guys & Hazels room & all one side was windows. & the driveway to the garage was just that winding. & on the other side of this driveway was a large house. well I dreamed or saw a large river flowing along there then was no house. & the water came right past the window. it seemed like it was after night. the water looked so dark & still. & it was wide. & on the other side of the river was Heaven. It was light & I could see every thing looked like a beautiful park. fine trees, flowers & lots of all kinds of birds & people walking around. It looked like hundreds of people. all dressed in white. looked like long loose robes. & all carried harps.but they were about the size of a violin. & I thot all of my chldren were there standing around in the room waiting for me to die. & I told them that I could see Heaven & asked them if they could see it. but it didnt seem like they could see it. I thot I raised up & sat up in bed & said oh dont you hear the music. I said its not like any music I ever heard. & I can hear it. & I have always thot if I could go to Heaven I could hear. & now I can. & then I saw Jesus coming down & he had some thing just like the sun around his head. & it was so bright it lit up every thing. & he didnt look a bit like his pictures. he didnt have any beard. his face was smoth. & the most beautiful face I have ever seen. I cant discribe it. & while he was standing there by the river some one came & stoped by him. & waved his hand at me. & said oh I know you thats you Poppa. & I tried to get you all to seem him. but it seemed like you couldnt. & then Jesus started across the river. & I said oh hes coming after me. get me ready so.he wont have to wait. but I couldnt get any of you to move. you just stood there. & he came on over. it didnt seem like hewas walking on the water. but glydind. I couldnt see his feet. he come right to the window & come there & stoped at the foot of the bed. and laid his hands on the bed stead. but as soon as he got to the window before he came in there was a mist or cloud or something around him I coudnt see him plain. but I could see him plain untill he got to the window. & when he stoped by the bed I said he has come & I must go. goodby. & I layed back & I thot I died. & I heard some of you say now she is dead. & when I awoke I was so sorry it wasnt true. & I lay there & looked at the foot of the bed to see if I could see him. It seemed so plain & real I couldnt get it our of my mind. & I believe Heaven will look like that did. or some part of it will be in parks. & I believe I will be so I can hear. if I can am ever so fortunate as to get there. I never have believedJesus looked like the pictures they make of him I have been ready & willing to go ever since I had that dream. but I cant think it was a dream. I think I was in a trance & seen a "Vision". if I could make a picture like that just like I seen it would make the finest movie picture that ever was. but it couldnt be made just like that I know. I couldt discribe it. it was all to beautiful to discribe. ---- That was all.


Note;; The above could have been in her mind for several years due to her advanced years, with poor health she might have been having not long before she had her stroke. Plus the fact she and her husband Calvin had all their lives been raised in and closely attached to Christian Church work. So Heaven and a mental picture of how it looked with Jesus the central figure had been forming for years in her emotions and memory. But to assume there is no such thing as a Vision would be stupid. We know that ESP, thought transference, telepathy area proven facts. Edgar Cayce we believe is descended from our ancestors had that proven supernatural ability which he used many times in his healings of the afflicted.     R M F

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