Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Nance Memorial Book Data - Exhibit B

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

EXHIBIT "B":(Home address) East Farndon Rectory, Market Marborough, Dec. 15, 1899. - Dear Sir: W E Nance, Esquire, Cardiff, Wales. - I remember seeing your son in Oxford. And his asking me about my family. I fear I can throw but little light on the family history. Though I am much interested myself in it. And have paid visits to Warliggon, Illogan, and Creed to inspect registers. My name of "Trengove" is misleading. It is the belief of our family that we do belong to the Warliggon Nances. But we cannot trace the early connections. My father gave me the name in that belief. But I am the first one in our branch of the family that has had it. The name is held also by my nephew now at Balliol College, Oxford. Our family lived at Creed, near Granpound, in Cornwall. And there are several generations there in the registers. My Great Grandfather, Ref. Wm. Nance (Exeter College, Oxford) was curate of Creed. He migrated into Kent. And my Father migrated into Staffordshire.

My Grandfather was Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford. And made many attempts to trace the genealogy. He had the registers at Warliggon copied and sent to him. The old county histories of Cornwall say that both the Illogan and Warliggon branches of the family have become extinct. I have visted Illogan also. The farm house at Nance in the Parish seems to have been an eccleasiastical house before the reformation. And it has still some wooden panels painted with the twelve apostles. I have searched the registers there and extracted all tha belonged to the family. You will find most of the old records of the family in Vivian & Drakes's visitation of the County of Cornwall, which you would probably find in any first-class library. - Believe me yours truly, J T Nance
(The old records spoken of above, being imperfect, are omitted, space lack).

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