Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Nance Memorial Book Data - Exhibit E

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

  EXHIBIT "E": Belfast Street Tramways
Andrew Nance, Manager
Tramways Office, Sandy Row,
Belfast, Aug. 14, 1897

Geo. W Nance, Esquire - My Dear Sir: I was away on my vacation when your letter arrived. And so it has not been answered as soon as I could have wished. Your letter very much surprised me for two or more reasons. The number of persons of our name who are known to you in America, is astonishing. And the similarity of traditions with regard to them. For my own part I do not take any interest in ancestry. Nor should I take any trouble about it. My uncle, William, however, who was a lawyer, took a world of trouble and spent a good deal of money in inquiries. I have at some time when a young man, either read or was told what he discovered. But I don't know wether it exists now. Nor if it was ever written. Or where it would be if it did exist.

It appears that Andrew Nance lived in or about Cornwall. And there are plenty of Nances there abouts descended from him. Every eldest son was named Andrew. I am the tenth Adnrew, the eldest born of each generation. My only child died in infancy and my brother, Walter, named his eldest boy Andrew. So he will be the eleventh. And will probably have what few dollars I possess when my wife is done with them. The seventh Andrew crossed to Normandy from Cornwall and lived there. In Normandy the eighth Andrew went to Kent when he was about twenty one. And I believe the seventh Andrew and his wife Martha died there. The eighth Andrew soon left Kent when his parents died and came to Portsmouth and sat up as a hatter. He was a most enterprising man. He bought the "Fountain" and "Blue Ports" hotels. He married a lady near Portsmouth. Had a large family and died there. The nineth Andrew (myFather) also lived all his life at Portsmouth. And his wife (my Mother) is named Martha. The same as his Grandmother. That is wholly all I know and I don't think anyone knows any more. No doubt a search in France would reveal the history and origin of the family from the first. -- Truly - Andrew Nance

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