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The United Enterprises is the overall business and non-business operations of The Fleming Family and is divided into three main divisions, The Fleming Company, our business operations (where we intend to make a profit), United Hobby Enterprises (a way to organize our non-profit hobby interests), and the General Services Division, which provides services such as accounting for the overall operation of The United Enterprises.

HISTORY OF THE UNITED ENTERPRISES: The United Enterprises started out in the 1940s when Bob Fleming produced a very small newspaper, The Advertiser and News, that he sold in high school. Later Bob had a low power radio station, KAFT, and after moving it became KRMF. He also had other small "hobby businesses", each with it's own name.

Sometime in the 1960s Bob thought up the name The United Enterprises to apply to the overall collection of little businesses and hobbies.

The first “real” business of The United Enterprises was United Transit, a small scale bus service carrying riders to the Renton, Washington plant of The Boeing Company. United Transit operated successfully for several years.

In the 1970s a new part of The United Enterprises, Flemco Sales Company, started buying and reselling government surplus, but this was not profitable. Then Flemco Sales started selling telephones and telephone apparatus by mail order. This business was growing and becoming profitable when family problems disrupted the operations and after a couple more years it was shut down.

After a few years, a travel business was started, and then others including restarting Flemco Sales, under the overall name of The Fleming Company.

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