Family History by Robert Monroe Fleming (Sr.)

Notes on Fanily History by Iva Causey Fleming
(Part 25)

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

Round Mount, Texas      11-20-93

Judge A P McCormick    Dallas, Texas
Dear Kinsman - Father received a letter from you sometime ago, asking him to have Brother Andrew or Me, one, to write for him and give some information about the family history. But as neither of them are here I will endeavor to reply for him. He says that his Father's full name was John Price Alexander and was born in the year 1788 in the State of N Carolina. His Mother was born in the same state in the year 1795. And her full name was Catherine McCormick. Both their Mothers were widows. And moved to Missouri together in 1808. Father can't give the exact date of his parent's marriage but they were married in Missouri, at your Grandfather's McCormick's house. And years after Father was shown the walls of the old cabin in which his parents were married.

He can't give the exact dates of the births and deaths of his brothers and sisters. But will give names and all other information that he can. Myra Eveline was the oldest and died in Missouri many years ago. She was never married. Catherine Emeline married a man named Newton Adams and lived in Ill. a number of years. Then moved with her only daughter to Kansas where she died, a year or two ago. Her daughter married a man named Hubbard and they still live in Kansas. My Father (John Rufus) is next in rotation and was born in Missouri the 28th of October 1817. Came to Texas in 1838. And in 1843 was married to Mary Jane Jones. Who was born in Missouri Oct. 30, 1821. Cynthia Elvira married a man named Billings in California and died in the same state many years ago. William Thompson was born in Missouri in November, 1821 and removed to California in the fifties. He was never married and is still living in San Francisco. Andrew McCormick is still unmarried and had lived in California since the fifties. Eliza Jane and Mary Ann were the twins, and Eliza Jane died in Missouri. Mary Ann went to California with the rest of the family and married a man named Billings, (brother to Cynthia's husband). But is now a widow living in Wastsonville, Cal.

Thomas Donnell moved to Cal. and married at Watsonville. Where he still resides. His wife was Irish and I don't know her name. Charlotte Augusta born in Missouri and married David Calvin McCord. They are living in Vandalia, Ill. Lysander Pembroke was born in Missouri and married in California. And is now living near the town of Santa Clara, Cal. Adala Haseltine was born in Missouri and died in Ill. Oscar Price was born in Missouri and died in Oregon. The above is all that Father can tell of his Father's family. But you can get the exact date of their births, marriages and deaths by writing to D C McCord, of Vandalia, Ill, as he has possession the old family bible.

We will now give a record of Father's family. They were all born in Fayette County, Texas. John Myers was born in October 14th, 1844, and died August 19th, 1845. Thaddeus Thompson was born may 24th 1847 and died at LaGrange September 14th 1886. Rufus McCormick was born October 19th 1849 and lives in Blanco County, Texas. Amelia Hazeltine was born October 24th 1851 and is living in Eureka, Cal. Oscar Perry was born March 13th 1854 and died January 3rd 1889. Elsie Catherine was born September 2nd 1854 and died March 5th 1857. Cora Agusta was born March 18th 1858 and is living in Weimar, Texas. Ida Oliver was born May 28th 1860. Cynthia Jane was born March 18th 1864 and died Aug. 10th 1869. Andrew Pembroke was born January 7th 1867 and is now living in the Indian Territory. Frank McCord was born May 25th 1869. Thaddeus Thompson married Lucy Riggles The 11th of February 1870. Rufus McCormick married Mary Robertson, November 30th, 1876. Cora Augusta married T L Davis the 22nd of December, 1880. Ida Oliver was married January 19th 1890 to Thomas Gordon Greig in Humbolt Co. Cal. Frank M Alexander was married December 24th, 1890 to(Elizabeth)Hardin.(Elitha). We have now given all the information we can and hope that it may be of some benefit to you. But we know that is not as full an account as you would like to have. How ever it is best we can do and you may arrange it would like to have. How -- in any shape you choose.

Please send us a copy of the book. And also send one to my sister, Mrs. Davi? [probably one more line below last one visible at bottom of page]

Yours truly,
F M Alexander

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