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Nance Memorial Book Data - Exhibit F

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

EXHIBIT "F": Bristol Parish: Bristol Parish had fifteen or twenty churches. The principal one was "Blanford" or "St. Paul". Now repaired and in Petersburg, Virginia. The Parish extended from Prince George County West and Northwest sixty miles or so. And was governed by a board of church wardens who collected the tobacco tax and maintained rectors, churches, bridges, roads and helpless poor. Across the James River and twelve miles down stream from Petersburg, has been located the home of many of the name found in the Bristol Parish records given below, Viz.: Of Daniel andElizabeth in 1722; of Daniel, senior, in 1732: of John and Jane in 1722: of William and Anna in 1742: of Thomas and Priscilla Nance in 1745: Daniel Nance, presumably the senior, was "processioner", to examine and remark the timber or boundary lines on "South Fork of Gravelly Run".

The names below were taken from the church register as shown by Mr Churchill GibsonChamberlayne in his book, entitled, "The Vestry Book and Register of Bristol Parish, Virginia, 1720-1789." This book was transcribed from the records and published by Mr Chamberlayne, at Richmond, Va. (Printed privately 1898). He says that two leaves of the manscript are missing. Which include minutes of the vestry meetings between Oct. 28 and Nov. 11, 1723.

  Children: (Phebe, b. Oct 1712
Parents: Daniel and Eliza (Elizabeth) ------------- (Eliza, b. July 6, 1719
    (Elinor, b. Sept. 9, 1722
    (Lucy, b. Dec. 24, 1729
  Daniel and Mary Nance ----------------- (Eliza, b. June 19, 1728
  / (Elinor, b. May 25, 1721
  John and Jane Mace -------------------/ (Thos., b. Sept. 22, 1723
    (Richard,b. Jan. 24, 1726
    (William,b. July 12, 1728
  Richard and Mary Nance ------------ (Eliza,b. Nov. 7, 1725
    (Leonard,b> Dec. 15, 1730
    (Nathaniel,b. Dec. 9, 1731
    (Elinor, b. Sept. 9, 1722
  John and Martha Nance -------------- (Giles,b. May 4, 1735
    (Thomas,b. Feb.29, 1736
  William and Ann Nance--------------- (Sarah,b. Jan. 30, 1742-3
  Thomas and Priscila Nance----------- (Sarah,b. Oct. 19, 1745

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