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Nance Memorial Book Data - Exhibits G & H

Transcribed by Robert M. Fleming Jr.

EXHIBIT "G": Land patents issued to "Nance" between Mar. 18, 1639, and July 12, 1797. As per Richmond Virginia, records: Richard Nance, 300 acres Henrico County, to be doubled when he or his assigns shall have sufficiently peopled and planted on the North side of Appamattuck River. Being due said Nance for transportation of six persons into this clony, viz.: His now wife, alice, Robert Perry, Robert Chappell, George Frebody, Edw'd Rolvlington, and Mary Uncars. March 18, 1639. Book No. 1, page 715.

Wm Nance, of James City County, 520 acres in said county, South side of Chickahominy river, adjoining Jno. Randall, Gregory Wells, Mr. Bobby, and one of coheirs of Grace or Tinsley, who was sister and one of coheirs of Richard Pierce. It being part of 600 acres granted said Pierce September 12, 1636, and 370 acres upon the said Nances Survey,and the whole patent being found surplusage within the bounds is also due to said Nance for the transportation of eight persons, viz.: Anne Kerer, Wm Kent, Wm Kath Davis, Eliz, Grocer Becrebe Farmer, and Nich. Prior April 29 1692. No. 8, page 231

John Nance, of Prince George County, 150 acres on north side Hatcher's Run, adjoining Samuel Sentalls. June 2, 1722. No. II, page 114.

Richard Nance, Prince George County, 142 acres on south side Gravelly Run on both sides of the Great Branch, in Prince George County, June 22, 1722. No. II page 119. -- John Nance, of Prince George County, 142 acres south side of Nottoway river, Brunswick County, beginning at the Indian company's upper corner upon the river, &c. July 7, 1726. No. 12, page 518.: John Nance, of Prince George County, 252 acres on north side of Hatcher's Run, adjoining his old land south soide of Picture Branch. June 26, 1731. No. 14, page 161: Daniel Nance, Junior, of prince George county, 200 acres both sides of Picture Branch adjoining upper line of John Nance on the north side of Picture Branch. June 20, 1733. No. 15, page 88: Daniel Nance and Edmund Halls, 385 acres Brunswick County, both sides of Jenento creek.Aug.15, 1737, No. 17, page 383: Richard Nance, 400 acres amelia county. north side Horsepen creek in the Fork of Nottoway river adjoining Miles Phweats, Samuel Jordan, and Als. Sept. 12, 1738. No. 18, page 104: Richard Nance, 184 acres Prince George county, south side Gravilly Run adjoining his own land, Francis Eppes, Thos. Gent, junior, and Captain Francis Eppes. June 30, 1743. No. 21, page 420: John Nance, 400 acres Brunswick county,both sides of Meherin river, Aug. 28, 1746, No.24, page 398: William Nance, 318 acres Brunswick county on south side Jeneto creek. Jan. 12, 1746. No. 25, page 239: Daniel Nance, 244 acres Brunswick county on Avents creek, Jan. 12, 1746. No.25, page 569: John Nance, 385 acres Lunenburg county, both sides north fork of Dry creek. July 25, 1749. No.27, page 247: Richard Nance, 210 acres Lunenburg county, both sides Meherin river. June 1, 1790. No.29, page 225: Thomas Nance, 290 acres Lunenburg county, south side Hurricane creek. July 27, 1727. No.31, page 341: John Nance, 400 acres Lunenburg county, both sides Meherin river, adjoining Richard Nance. Sept. 10, 1755. No. 31, page 552: John Nance, junior, 400 acres Lunenburg county, south side Owls creek. Sept. 10, 1755. No. 31, page 442: Daniel Nance, 278 acres Brunswick county, on branches of Aventa creek. Feb. 5, 1753. No.32, page 24: John Nancys, 846 acres, Brunswick county. June 16, 1756. No.33, page 19: Wm Nance, 390 acres Lunenburg county, on branches of Great creek. Aug. 16, 1756. No.33, Page 63: Wm Nance, 400 acres Lunenburg county, on branches of Roanake river. Aug.16, 1756. No.33, page 223: Richard Nance, 365 acres Lunenburg county, south side Springfield creek. Mar. 10, 1756. No.34, page 1: Thos. Nance, 707 acres, Lunenburg county, on branches of Juniper creek. Feb 5, 1757. No. 34, page 175: Daniel Nance, 332 acres Brunswick county, Aug.20,1760. No.34, page 694: Wm Nance, 400 acres Lunenburg county, northeast fork of Great creek. May 23, 1763. No.35, page 171: Thomas Nance, 400 acres Lunenburg county, on branches of Juniper creek. Aug. 15, 1764. No.36, page 645: Reuben Nance, 182 acres by survey Nov. 20, 1765, on draughts of Leatherwood creek, Henry county. July 4, 1780. Book of Grants "A", page 560: Giles Nance, 1574 acres by survey Mar. 24, 1736, Halifax county, on branches of Cascade and Sugar Tree creek. Dec. 1, 1779. Book "B", page 158: Clement Nance, 20 acres by survey April 8, 1794, Pittsylvania county, on drafts of Cascade creek adjoining James Denton's, McCann's, Walton's, Clay's Isaac Lumford's, Richard Farrier's. Oct. 20, 1790. No.36, page 216: John Nance, 33 acres by survey June 26, 1795, Mecklinburg county adjoining John Cleaton, junior, Cleaton & Nance's line. July 12, 1797. No.391, page 423.

EXHIBIT "H": Isa series of wills by different members of the Nance families that have no particular bearing on Nance linage in America, Herein

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